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2018 Maine State USBC Women's Sponsors


Want to be a sponsor of Eastern Maine USBC's support of Maine State USBC tournaments?  The information below explains the levels and how to contact Eastern Maine USBC.

The sponsorship options are as follows:

option a - $25/month – sole type of sponsor, on every page and sponsors’ page

option b - $15/month – on every page and sponsors’ page

option c - $10/month – on ½ the pages (sponsor’s choice) and the sponsors’ page

option d - $5/month – on the sponsors’ page only
This contract will be paid on an annual basis during the month of January each year for the upcoming year.

The Sponsoring Organization will provide a 1” by 1” .jpg image and a desired website link to be associated with the image.
            All proceeds gathered from advertisement sales will be used for scholarship awards for our youth bowlers participating in the annual EMUSBC Youth Open tournament. 
Thank you for your support of Eastern Maine USBC.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  To facilitate your advertisement placement, complete the Sponsorship form below.  Eastern Maine USBC will need a copy of your desired advertisement (preferably a .jpg file) e-mailed to the Webmaster at ‘ecotter@emusbc.com’.  If you have any questions, issues and or concerns, please feel free to contact Bethanie Archer, Eastern Maine USBC President at (207) 217-8458 or Ed Cotter, Eastern Maine USBC Webmaster at (207) 356-5680 or by the e-mail address above.