Bowling News

Good morning all!  As leagues gear up for the new season, EMUSBC will be trying a new fundraiser this year.  We’re going to do an NFL based fund raiser. Here’s how it’ll work. Every ticket will be $10 and there’ll be 15 chances to win money. It breaks down to 3 prizes each week for 5 weeks. First place is $70, second place is $40, and third place is $30. We’ll be starting with NFL week 28 Oct. Each ticket will have 5 weeks with 3 randomly selected NFL teams. To win first prize, your 3 teams have to have the most points scored for the week. Second most wins second and third most wins third. The next week you have 3 more teams, likely different to repeat the process of the first week. This continues for the 5 weeks. Here’s an example of the scoring. You have LAR, OAK, and MIA. LA Rams score 24 in their game, Oakland scores 30 in their game, and Miami eeks out 17 in their game. Your point total for the week is 71. If that’s highest out of the tickets sold, you win $70 that week. If it’s second most you win $40. If third most you win $30. Just because you win a prize one week doesn’t mean you can’t win a prize the the next 4 weeks. Please be advised that youth bowlers cannot participate in this fundraiser, though their parents can.

Board members: sales aren’t limited only to bowlers. This fundraiser is open to anyone you can sell a ticket too.

More to come.