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30 Jul 18 @ 1600
There will be a few changes coming this season regarding association tournament checks availability, Clash of Champions, and the annual meeting.

  1. The first availability of association tournament checks will be at the Clash of Champions at the end of March. People will be present to hand out the checks.
  2. The Clash of Champions invitee list is changing. Rather than All-events champions from the association tournaments and current season league high averages, we’re going to be inviting each division winner from all of our current season association tournaments (i.e. seniors, youth, women’s, and open) as well as the previous season’s association high average award recipients. We are going to add this to each of the association tournament applications. If you’re a division winner (aka team, doubles, singles, or all-events) please plan on coming back-up the last weekend in March to join in on the fun, pick up your check, and receive your tournament award. The Clash of Champions is free to the invitees. We’re going to hold off on one suggested change, until we see how this change plays out.
  3. The annual meeting will remain in May and we are going to try various tournament formats. This year the thought is to try our version of the 40 frame game and do a Summer 36 (similar to the Harvest 36 we have done in the past).

If anyone has any questions, issues, and or concerns, please let us know.